Content is King...


Content is King...

As the importance of the internet and the ability of Google to make or break companies becomes ever more clear how does one survive?

Here on the forum discover answers to the question you might not have even considered.

Free Newspapers will not be here in a year or two

Link that to no-body looks in Yellow Pages unless they are looking to try and sell advertising.

Do you still pay to advertise in Yellow Pages  


Everyone is turning to Google for answers - if you want to be found you need to be where people are looking.

The Solution - Promote Your Offering With An Interactive Website

Website-Doctor is about helping businesses leverage the power of the internet in order to be discovered by those searching through Google.

Reviews - Reviews are set to grow here in the UK in 2012 and beyond

Do you ever read reviews?

They form a key part of the Amazon shopping experience. Ditto eBay and there are many many more instances where reviews influence purchasing.  Is not it about time you were equipped to take on the reviewers and put your side of the story?

Survey - How Often Do You Use A Search Engine?

In the UK 80 - 85% of searcher reaching a website visit the site via Google...

How Many Times Per Week Do You Use Google?  


Help Being Found In Google

So if you are not coming up in Google - your potential customers cannot find you.

Website-Doctor can create you a website which will help change that situation and which you can update in the future if you wish.


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